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Victoria Roubin


Counselling & Psychotherapy for Adults and Adolescents

 Talk Therapy  |  Expressive Arts Therapy  |  Supervision
Sandtray / Symbol Work  |  Clayfield |  Trauma Release Work |  Somatic Psychotherapy

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Without exception life throws curve balls. Be it sooner or later every single one of us will encounter personal difficulty. 

Whether for purposes of personal growth, emotional healing or developing coping strategies, it is at such times of difficulty that talking to a counsellor can prove life-changing. 

The work of a counsellor is to help clients gain perspective and insight around why unhelpful patterns of behaviour and thought persist despite our best efforts to do otherwise. Therapy is very much a flexible and interactive process that helps individuals manage their lives, their moods, their thoughts and their relationships to outcomes of increased skill and life-satisfaction.

As it is the therapeutic relationship that provides the most critical part of any healing journey, it's important to find a counsellor with whom you can relax, feeling fully understood and supported along the way. 

As such, first and foremost, my therapeutic approach is person centered in that it is driven by the utmost respect for each individual and their story.  

I believe at the heart of every person lies a unique and beautiful True-Self who's bursting to get out, longing to bring the gift that it is to the world in free, uncompromised expression. I believe this one to be intuitive and insightful and to hold all the wisdom necessary for the growth and change desired. To this end, I provide a caring, compassionate, deeply attentive and non-judgmental space that supports you in exploring the innate wisdom of this Deeper Self to identify and make adjustments to those areas in your life and/or behaviour that are no longer working for you.